TRTC Floral Decorated Patterned Victorian Reproduction Toilet New £599.0 

Cast Iron Toilet Cistern  £100.0 

Restored Wood High Level Toilet Cistern "Japkap" - Brass Pipe bathroom victorian £305.0 

Cast Iron High Level Toilet Cistern "No 2 Brighton Caronia £150.0 

Antique Advertising High Level Toilet Cistern Pull Jones Plumber Birkenhead £116.0 

Restored Wooden High Level Toilet Cistern - Hawk - Manufactured by F.W.B £315.0 

Antique Toilet Cistern £5.0 

Antique Cast Iron Toilet Cistern £69.0 

Antique Victorian Advertising Toilet Pull D.Donkersley Plumber Holmfirth W yorks £55.0 

Victorian ceramic toilet pull with solid brass fittings – DA/71C £27.99 

Antique Stonite Fireclay High Level Toilet Cistern with Lid - Pickups Horwich £795.0 

Cast Iron Toilet Cistern £100.0 

Early 1900s Harpic Advertising Toilet Roll Holder £90.0 

Antique original toilet roll holder on relaimed hardwood backboard £75.0 

Antique Vintage Dibbens Toilet Cistern £50.0 

Crown Toilet Fixture vintage victorian old style aged brass toilet roll holder £49.99 

Edwardian Toilet or Bathroom Door Vacant & Engaged Indicator Door Bolt £135.0 

Friar Antique Toilet Cistern, High Level, Wooden Lead Lined, for restoration  £9.99 

Antique Toilet 'The Clanzer' Late 19th Century Floral Decorated Bowl.  £299.0 

1930s Royal Toilet roll holder + ceramic pull chain handle. £19.99